Our Board Meetings and Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting 2019: DIgnity's annual membership meeting will be held on September 14, 2019 at The Havens@St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 1827 W. Alabama at 4:30 PM.

Much as we might all hate meetings, they are the way an organization, such as DignityHouston moves forward.

Board Meetings are held every other month. Please check with a member to find out about the date of the next one. 

Everyone is invited to attend our Board Meetings. Because the agenda is set in advance for each Board Meeting, we suggest that you make recommendations for the agenda at least two weeks in advance of the Board Meeting. You can make those recommendations in any of several ways including:

  • Use the Contact form on this Web site and choose Recommendation for Board Meeting
  • Talk with any Board Member
  • Send an email to President@dignityhouston.org
  • Complete the Member Recommendation for Agenda Item form found on the Welcome table at each Liturgy and give the form to the Presider

In that way, the Board can be fully prepared to discuss your proposal and give it the careful consideration that it deserves. The Board must also reschedule the Regular Board Meeting from time-to-time. In addition, the Board may also call Special Meetings to consider matters that just can’t wait for the next Board Meeting or for other reasons. When that happens, you will find the notice of that meeting here.

Special Meetings of the Board of Trustees

When they are scheduled, Special Meetings of the Board of Trustees will appear here.

There are no Special Meetings of the Board of Trustees sceduled at this time.

The Annual Meeting of Dignity/Houston, Inc. is normally held in September of each year for the purpose of electing Trustees, ratifying amendments to the Bylaws, and any other business that needs to be brought before the full membership. It is your meeting, your opportunity to fully participate in governing Dignity/Houston, Inc.

There is one restriction to your participation. Section 5.05 of the Bylaws states:

In order to vote at an annual or at any special meeting, a member must have paid all fees and dues owing to the Corporation or must be up for membership renewal during the month in which the meeting is held and must have been a member of the corporation for at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the meeting. The Corporation shall, at least two (2) days before each meeting, compile a complete list of members entitled to vote at that meeting which shall be arranged in alphabetical order, which shall be available for inspection by any member and which shall be kept on file at the principal office of the Corporation following the meeting.

That’s why it’s important to be a member in good standing, having paid your dues, with DignityUSA.

The Annual Meeting is also a time for new beginnings, as it were the birthday of Dignity/Houston, Inc. We encourage you to take the time to read the Bylaws to find out how the corporation must operate before the Annual Meeting. If you see something in the Bylaws that you don’t like, be sure to talk with a Board Member about it. The Board can amend the Bylaws, subject to ratification by the full membership at the Annual Meeting or a Special Meeting of the members. It’s all there in the Bylaws!