Liturgy Your Way

Our Mass was created, from the ground up, for you. No, we didn't discard the traditional Roman Catholic Liturgy, we made it grow for you! You're an open minded, free thinking, LGBTQ Catholic member of the 21st century. Not an illiterate, subsistence farmer/peasant of the Medieval Ages. You don't want to be told what to think; you want to discover truth for yourself. Don't let that LGBTQ Catholic monicker throw you. Our focus is on our LGBTQ lives as Catholics, but we welcome straight people, non-Catholics, and anyone else who is comfortable with us.

That's why you'll feel right at home at our Mass. Who wants to sit back and hear some priest talk about irrelevant stuff? Come be with us as we engage in lively discussion - sometimes, even debate - on what it means to be a Catholic today. That's the kind of Mass you want, and we're with you on that.

No, we don't have a priest to celebrate our Mass. Remember, Pope Benedict said LGBTQ folks are "intrisically disordered." We don't feel that way; do you? Then, our own Daniel Cardinal diNardo forbad his priests to say Mass for any group the "promotes the homosexual lifestyle." You know what, the early Christians didn't need ordained priests and such!

Instead, we come together as a group of friends to pray and figure out how God comes to manifest himself in a world of struggle and strife and how to be the folks who live out his message to the world.

Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at our Liturgy. We think you'll fall in love with it. Of course, we also have the standard readings for the Sunday taken from the Roman Missal.

And as a group of good friends we go out to eat afterwards at a local restaurant to continue that discussion. Hey, if you discover that you want to be a part of us, we might just buy your dinner.

Mass at Churches

Sometimes, we even go to Mass at Catholic Churches such as St. Ann's, All Saints, and others. Yes, sometimes that reminds us just how good we have it back at home.