Join DignityHouston

At DignityHouston, all are welcome. You don’t need to pay dues, fill out a membership application or
anything else to attend our services and be welcome there. Please be sure to sign in and give us your
email address so we can send you our newsletter and keep you posted on important events.

That being said, there is another level of participation that we’d like you to consider. If you join
DignityUSA and designate DignityHouston as your local chapter, you automatically become an official
member of DignityHouston. That membership gives you a lot of benefits including:

  • It gives you a voice in how DignityHouston runs and what it does. As a full member, you can vote in
    elections, serve on the Board of Trustees and Committees, and generally participate in the
    governance of the community.
  • It funds the important activities of DignityUSA including media outreach, advocacy work on behalf of
    all LGBTQ+ Catholics, coalition work within the Catholic Church and LGBTQ+ community, and a host of
    other activities that make the world better for LGBTQ+ Catholics.
  • Important publications of DignityUSA including the quarterly Voice, monthly Dateline, and Dignity
    News, all of which help to keep you up-to-date on what’s going on in the Catholic Church and LGBTQ+
    community that’s critically important to you.

All of that only costs you $50 per year for membership, $10 of which comes back to us at

You can join online at