How We Worship

As LGBTQ+ Catholics, we love to worship in ways that are uniquely us but are still within our Catholic Tradition. Above all, we believe that worship.

  • Should be, at once, reverent and celebratory of the magnificence of what God has created. That means that we look for beauty rather than evil, believing in the intrinsic goodness of God’s creation.
  • Should arise out of our basic human nature, celebrating that God made us uniquely curious creatures ever eager to learn more about creation and to be His instruments in carrying on the process of creation. To that end, we believe in dialog and debate within the context of worship, a kind of conversation that helps us understand and clarify the nature of God.

We hope you’ll enjoy these pages that tell you more about our services.

Our Services

Our Saturday Liturgy is the core of what DignityHouston does. We come together each Saturday as a community to worship and hope you’ll be there to join us.

Liturgy Your Way

Find out how we developed our Liturgy to meet your needs and how you can be a part of that ongoing development.

Our LGBTQ+ Prayers

Of course, our worship is not limited to our Saturday Mass. Like all good Catholics, we like to have our prayer book ready, and this is our small but growing Online Book of DignityHouston Common Prayer.