Why does DignityHouston exist?

There are countless Catholic Churches all over the place. If you just want to go to Church, you can just walk in and sit down. No one ever talks to you anyway. Why all the fuss? Why DignityHouston?

Yes, you can walk in and sit down; that works … until you want to get involved, until you want to speak your mind, until you want to be comfortable just being yourself. Then, all Hell breaks loose, literally! That’s why we have DignityHouston.

The Church's Stance on Homosexuals

With some of Pope Francis’ statements on the LGBTQ+ community, why doesn’t he just wave a magic wand and change the views of all 1.2 billion Catholics on every single continent in one fell swoop? Just where does the Church stand on homosexuality anyway?

Letter to the bishops of the Catholic Church on the pastoral care of homosexual persons

This is the frightening letter that started it all. And it’s still used today to justify an even more frightening position on the part of the Church.