Remembering From Where We Come

This prayer was originally written for the interfaith prayer service held prior to the Los Angeles Pride Parade. It memorializes those who have employed the various ways individuals can and have made a difference in promoting justice for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community.

This prayer is designed to be used as part of a community liturgy. As part of such a responsive liturgy, bolded text indicates that the section is to be read by the many.

We give full credit to Rabbi Heather Miller who, with her wife, Melissa de la Rama, has helped preserve and make this prayer available through the Web site.

We pause now for moments of memory for those who came before us

The ones who personally stood up and were counted
and who thus made a difference for all of us today

We remember you

Whether by combating an ugly word against another
Or through the personal act of coming out

Whether by challenging the system
or by changing it from within

Whether by actively sharing your ideas with broad audiences
or by quietly affecting individuals one at a time

Whether by looking outward to help others understand us
or by looking within to help make ours a better community

Through all of these courageous actions
and so many more, every time

You brought us forward

Even under the pressures
of physical pain and torture
of economic devastation or political failure
of social estrangement or worse

You braved it all

Each of you adding in your essence
Your talented endeavors
and elegant movements

Your clever words
And dignified existence

Your dedicated heart
and focused mind

Your infectious smile
Your quirky ways

In all, your persevering spirit brought others forward behind you
And moved us all a little closer
to a world that more fully celebrates love

Your contributions are remembered.
You are remembered.

And your memory is a blessing.